Terms of Service

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Thank you for choosing our company. This document and the terms of service laid out herein represent a binding agreement between the company and you (the customer). Upon accessing our website or making use of any of our services, you expressly agree to comply with all terms and conditions set out within this document. You must therefore ensure that you understand and are able to comply with all published terms and conditions, before accessing our website or any of the services we provide.

Additional terms and conditions may govern specific services and areas of our website, which apply in conjunction with the terms and conditions published here.

Please note that the company reserves the right to add to or amend these terms of service at any time and without providing due notice. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they regularly consult this document, in order to note any changes and ensure their ongoing compliance. If you cannot or will not agree to any of the terms set out in this document, you are forbidden from using this website and the services provided by the company.


The content of this website including all coding, video, sound, images and text remains the sole intellectual property of the company and is protected by national and international copyright laws. No aspect of the website or its content may be accessed or used in any manner other than that for which it is expressly intended, without first obtaining the full written consent of the company.

Limitation Of Liability

The customer accepts that the company accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage that may occur as a direct or indirect result of the use of any of our products or services. Customers accessing our website and the services we provide accept that they do so entirely at their own risk.